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Our Services

Facial Treatments

We have a wide variety of product treatements to suit every facial skin type

Our Facial Treatments work immediately to revitalise and rejouvenate all levels of your skin. With repeated treatment your skin will start to feel amazing and regain its pliability and elasticity.

Make up

Makeup for all skin types and all occasions

Whether preparing for your formal, your wedding, impressing your friends or simply wanting to look your best. We supply Makeup that will make you look exactly the way you need too.

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage is the perfect way to unwind

Relaxation Massage therapy done properly by and expert, can ease muscle pain, counteract the stress you revieve from sitting, soothe anxiety and depression, improve sleep, boost your immunity and relieve a severe tension headaches.

Skin Treatements

Waxing | Tanning | Tinting

Botanika Skin Studio offers a variety of treatments including waxing, tanning and tinting.

Spoil someone you love with a Gift Voucher from Botanika Skin Studio. Call 0404 871 300 and let us organise it for you.

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